About Us

The Camilla Foundation was founded by a Licensed Professional Counselor in Statesboro, Georgia, in response to the significant amount of people seeking out mental health services. She began to explore other ways to help people meet their needs, while also supporting the network of high quality counselors. 

The Camilla Foundation strives to create a better future for children by providing access to mental health services for uninsured or underserved children, teens and their families in Bulloch County.

Our Mission

The mission of The Camilla Foundation is to remove barriers that prevent local youth from accessing needed mental health services. 

A Note About Our Namesake

The Camilla Foundation credits its name to Diane Camilla Teel Miller, 1948-2009.  Diane was fiercely devoted to her family, her work, and while she lived many places her heart always called the deserts of Arizona home.  Her favourite animals Gambel’s Quail, native to Arizona and the Southwest, because of their tendencies to stay in long-term family and community groups, often traveling and foraging together.

Diane Miller, PhD was a Family and Consumer Sciences Instructor for much of her life.  Her life’s work centered around creating healthy growth spaces for individuals and families, whether that involved nutrition education, financial planning, parenting, or domestic/household skills.  Her desire was to see individuals and clients work toward their best version of themselves.  She was active in community groups, local agencies, universities, and grant programs to help provide assistance and growth spaces for individuals and families in the most effective ways.

The Camilla Foundation carries forward the commitment to work with other professionals, our communities, and funding opportunities to provide the most opportunities for the most people to make the most growth possible.

The Camilla Foundation founder, April Miller, is the daughter-in-law of Diane.